#2 Devonbosch | A Test of Skill and Resilience

The Virgin Active Warrior SA Champs at Devonbosch proved to be a thrilling test of skill and resilience, with competitors facing both the formidable obstacles of the course and the looming threat of an impending storm. As luck would have it, the race concluded just before the worst of the weather hit, a stroke of fortune for all involved.

In the Black Ops elite race, the presence of renowned athletes added an extra dimension of excitement.

Tom Liebenberg was among the top contenders, who faced a pivotal moment at Breaking Point. Claude Eksteen was in first place, with Jan De Beer, Hlelani Radebe and Justin Landsberg following closely behind him, they all received penalties at Breaking Point and had to do a penalty loop. Tom made it through Breaking Point without a penalty and took the lead. After navigating the obstacle flawlessly, he clinched his first-ever victory in the Virgin Active Warrior Race with impeccable execution.

In the women’s division, Sabrina Daolio and Trish Eksteen engaged in a tense battle for first place. At various points along the course, they remained neck and neck. However, a misstep at Breaking Point resulted in a penalty, paving the way for Sabrina to win the title of the second Virgin Active Warrior Race at Devonbosch.


Elite Black Ops Men: 

1st: Tom Liebenberg | 01:15:03

2nd: Jan De Beer | 01:17:56

3rd: Claude Eksteen | 01:19:19

Elite Black Ops Women: 

1st: Sabrina Daolio | 01:26:37

2nd: Trish Eksteen | 01:52:13 

3rd: Nicole Von Metzinger | 02:26:09

Elite Commando Men: 

1st: Caleb Hendriks | 00:50:56 

2nd: Daniel Kok | 00:53:37 

3rd: Stefan Van Der Merwe |  00:56:21

Elite Command Women:

1st: Desiree Lourens | 01:24:36 

2nd: Irma Sparks | 01:51:05 

Elite Rookie Men:

1st: Jo Wagner | 00:27:40 

2nd: Lesley Geduld | 00:27:48 

3rd: Stefan Bruwer | 00:27:5 

Elite Rookie Women:

1st: Aviyah Hendriks | 00:38:21 

2nd: Nikita Rushby | 00:46:43 

3rd: Deanné Moodie | 01:03:34

Amidst the intense competition, the atmosphere was vibrant, with participants and spectators revelling in the excitement of the race. Following the event, the lively market buzzed with activity as people soaked in the atmosphere and enjoyed the sunshine before the storm’s arrival. The presence of friends and families added to the camaraderie and fun that characterised the day.

Thank you and well done to everyone who joined us today at the Virgin Active Warrior #2 Devonbosch. Your determination, resilience, and sportsmanship made this event a success. You showed the spirit of perseverance and camaraderie that defines Warrior.


Next up is #3 in KZN on the 13th of July. We look forward to seeing you there for another thrilling adventure. Until then, keep pushing your limits and embracing the Warrior spirit!

#BeBrave and we’ll see you there!