Celebrating the 12th season of Virgin Active Warrior at Warrior #1 Die Bosveld!

Incredibly, 2024 sees the return of the Warrior Race for its 12th season! Warriors are still breaking barriers, overcoming obstacles, being brave and winning at life going on to 12 years now, and we thank every Warrior for showing up every time, ready to storm to victory!

Die Bosveld – the veld outside the City – in Montana, Pretoria, set the stage for an electrifying showdown as the first Virgin Active Warrior Race of 2024 roared to life. The atmosphere pulsed with the promise of epic battles, personal triumphs, and Warrior Ric’s unmistakable voice motivating even the least daring of us at the start line.

Die Bosveld course presented a formidable challenge, combining natural obstacles with man-made tests of athleticism, strength and endurance. From steep hills, dense bushveld forests and dams to mud pits and cargo nets, each section of the course demanded a unique blend of physical prowess and mental fortitude.

Amidst the chaos of battle, warriors faced moments of both triumph and tribulation. Some stumbled and fell, but true to the Warrior creed, a helping hand was always near and no soldier was left behind! Warriors pushed their limits and faced their fears beyond what they ever thought possible, forging moments of pure adrenaline-fueled euphoria.

Weary but victorious warriors crossed the tree-lined finish line with battered bodies and soaring spirits, toasting their victories with ice-cold Switch recovery drinks. Amidst the cheers and applause of friends and family, they revelled in the sweet taste of victory, knowing that they had conquered not only the course but also the limits of their endurance! 

Without a doubt, The Naked Crusaders took the cake for the best-dressed and original team outfit! Thanks for going the extra mile to up the FUN factor at Virgin Active Warrior! We loved it. 

The Black-Ops, Commando, and Rookie Elite races are for the daring, the fleet-footed and the strong-muscled to pit their strength against one another in a true test of ability. 

These athletes are required to complete every obstacle set in their path or forfeit a disqualification band (which they can win back by performing a penalty loop, thereby earning their official finish). 

The racing was fierce, with both leaders in the Black-Ops Elite Men’s race ending up performing penalty loops and Sabrina Daolio, finishing first in the Black-Ops Elite Women’s race with no penalty!

Black-Ops Elite Men

Brandon Hulley 01:29:06

Armin Botha 01:29:37

Claude Eksteen 01:32:49

Justin Landsberg 01:33:26

Mxolisi Zondi 01:33:55

Black-Ops Elite Women

Sabrina Daolio 01:45:46

Trish Eksteen 02:11:23

Cindy Wills 02:16:03

Nerine Tecklenburg 02:32:23

Cj Clarke 02:33:24

Commando Elite Men

Daniel Kok 01:00:46

Reynard De Bruin 01:01:30

Philip Walz 01:05:52

Commando Elite Women

Marinda Moolman 01:44:36

Julia Clarke 02:32:20

Rookie Elite Men

Rj Jansen v Rensburg 00:41:47

Manel Khuzwayo 00:44:19

Barend Bodenstein 00:45:09

Rookie Elite Women

Jani Maritz 00:51:36

Aviyah Hendriks 00:57:24

Elaine Bodenstein 01:00:24

The Series Leaderboard is a way for Warriors to track their progress and compare their performance against other Warriors throughout the series. The leaderboard is updated after each event, and Warriors will be ranked based on their points accumulated throughout the series. 

Our top-ranked athletes in every category will wear the leader’s shirt to distinguish them from the rest of the field.

Congratulations to our new Warrior Series Leaders who will wear the Warrior Leader’s Jersey at Warrior #2 in Cape Town:


Brandon Hulley & Sabrina Daolio


Daniel Kok & Marinda Moolman


RJ Jansen van Rensburg & Jani Maritz

Thank you to every Warrior, on and off the course, who sweated, battled, and triumphed with us! 

Next up is Warrior #2 Devonbosch on 6 April! Cape Town, are you ready?