By entering for a Warrior Race, you comply to all the following Rules & Regulations as well as the Terms & Conditions listed below


  • No participant may practice the route or any obstacle before the start of the race.
  • All team members must complete all obstacles.
  • Team members must finish within 1 minute of each other.
  • If a participant cannot or wishes not to attempt an obstacle he/she will have to do burpees as required by the obstacle’s rules. The number of burpees will vary depending on the obstacle.
  • Black-Ops/Commando/Rookie Elite athletes will have to complete all obstacles. If the athlete does not complete an obstacle, he/she will not be able to qualify for a podium position or prize money. PLEASE NOTE: No assistance of any nature will be allowed for Elite athletes. Participants will not be allowed to assist each other. No assistance from spectators or marshals will be permitted.
  • For Black-Ops and Commando athletes a 5km/h running pace cut-off can be implemented at the route split.
  • If one or more team members do not finish the race due to injury, the team may still qualify for an official finishing time.
  • Teams or solo participants that do not abide by the rules will be disqualified and will not come in contention for prizes and will also not receive a finishing time
  • No cooler boxes or cooler bags will be allowed into the venue. There will be plenty of food and drinks for sale as well as a super beer garden. Also, no Braais allowed in the venue.
  • No alcohol, drinks, food, drugs, firearms or any dangerous weapons will be allowed into the venue.
  • Unfortunately, no pets will be allowed.
  • Only a limited amount of gazebos will be allowed into the venue. So if you want to bring a gazebo, come early.
  • You may bring your own chairs.
  • Spectators must stay on the designated spectator routes. Wherever they cross the course they must take extra care not to obstruct any of the participants. Spectators must obey all rules and instructions from marshals at the obstacles. This is for their own safety and the safety of the participants.

This refers to Black-Ops, Commando and Rookie Elite Races

Disqualification armbands

  • Elite athletes will receive an armband (referred to as a disqualification (DQ) armband) when entering the starting pen on race morning.
  • Elite finisher times are only valid if the athlete crosses the finish line with the armband still on his/her arm.
  • The DQ armband must be kept on either wrist and may not be hidden from plain sight for any reason whatsoever.
  • If an athlete loses his/her armband (i.e. snaps or falls off) on the course – it is their own responsibility to report this to a marshal who will take note of this and be able to report this information back to the official race timing crew.

Race rules

  • Elite athletes have to complete all obstacles on their designated course in order to keep their DQ armband.
  • No assistance of any physical nature will be permitted for Elite athletes, and will lead to disqualification
    • Elite athletes are not allowed to assist each other at any point along the route or at an obstacle unless otherwise state by the Route Director at the start line the morning of the race
    • Spectators and Marshals may not provide any Elite athletes with physical assistance at any point along the route or at an obstacle
  • DQ armbands must be handed to the obstacle marshal if the athlete:
    • Is not able to complete an obstacle
    • Does not adhere to the obstacles rules determined by Warrior Route Director (and communicated to the obstacle marshal)
    • Does not comply with the general race rules and Elite rules as set out on
    • An athlete may attempt an obstacle as many times as they wish until the 12-pm cut-off time. If they are unable to correctly complete the obstacle, the DQ armband must be handed in to the obstacle marshal
  • If the athlete hands in their armband or is unable to continue with the race for whatever reason, they are required to report this to the official race timing official under WARRIOR gazebo at the finish line. Their time will reflect as disqualified in the race results.
  • If the athlete does not complete an obstacle, he/she will not be able to qualify for a podium position or prize money.
  • When an obstacle cannot be completed by the top 3 Elite athletes that arrive at the obstacle, the race referee (appointed on the day by the Race director) will restart the race from that obstacle, with each athlete leaving the obstacle 10 seconds apart in the order that they arrived in. The obstacle must have been tried by at least three of the top Elite athletes, with a minimum of three attempts at competing the obstacle.
  • If a participant does not respect a marshal or the race rules the marshal has the right to disqualify a participant pending further investigation.
  • Specific rules given by the Route Director at Elite race briefing on race day must be adhered to and failure to comply will result in disqualification.

Route access and seconding

The following people and vehicles with access to the official race route leading up to the event and during the event weekend:

  • Medics,
  • Marshals and marshal managers,
  • The route director,
  • Official Warrior Race organizers,
  • And official Warrior Race photographers.
  • Spectators and participants not racing at that specific point are not permitted onto the race route or routes surrounding it for any reason whatsoever
    • This applies to people on foot as well as bicycles, motor vehicles, motorbikes and quads, etc.
    • Failure to comply will result in removal from the route and a disqualification for the participants racing
  • Spectators and participants not racing at that specific point are not permitted in any official vehicles or in their own vehicles leading up to the event or during the event weekend
    • This refers particularly to Elite athletes racing the next day – a route recce in any of the marshal or race organizers vehicles is strictly prohibited and will result in immediate disqualification.
  • Spectators and participants (including Elite athletes) not racing at that specific time are only permitted along the designated Spectator Route
    • The Spectator Route is clearly marked and may not be deviated from for participant and spectator safety
  • Outside assistance of any kind is not permitted along the route and at water points during the Elite races. Outside assistance can include, but is not limited to the following:
    • Food and liquids
    • Medication and/or medical assistance
    • Physical assistance
    • Sweat towels
  • Elite athletes, other participants, and spectators are not permitted to attempt any of the obstacles along the race route before their specific race. This is for safety reasons as well as giving the athletes a level playing field.
    • Any person found doing so will be asked to leave the premises immediately and will not be permitted to race that weekend.
  • If any Elite athlete leaves the marked course, he/she needs to rejoin the course where they left the course. It is the responsibility of the athlete to follow the correct route set out and marked by Warrior Race.

Elite athletes winners are only eligible for prize money and/or prizes if they are present at the prize giving ceremony on the respective day.


Obstacle Racing is an amazing adventure that is fun-filled, action-packed and a highly entertaining spectator’s sport. The challenging and exciting obstacles that participants have to take on and conquer very often lead to awkward and extremely funny incidents and are a blast to witness as a spectator. Warrior is no different, so if people are not actually participating in the race, there is no reason why they cannot still share in all the fun and action and be entertained by the crazy stuff that the “Warriors” are up to on the obstacle course. To get spectators as close to the action as possible, there will be designated spectator view points on the course – so bring those cameras! You will definitely want to capture some of that crazy action on camera. Spectator entry fee includes access to the entertainment area where a fun-filled day is guaranteed with DJ’s, beer stands, food stalls and a dedicated product expo area.

Spectator entry fee: R30 (kids under 7 years of age don’t pay an entrance fee)

Spectators must stay outside the clearly marked danger zones. No spectators are allowed on the course or on an obstacle. No spectators are allowed to follow any of the participants throughout the course. No spectator vehicles, bikes, bicycles, etc. will be allowed on the course or in the racevillage. No spectator or unofficial photographers are allowed beyond the marked area around an obstacle to take photos. Please note that any pictures or video footage taken at the race remain the property of WARRIOR and is for non-commercial use only.


There will be security guards in and around the race village and parking area for general security and safety. Please note that we will not be responsible for the security of any personal belongings and items. It will be your own responsibility to look after your personal items or alternatively book it in at our secure locker zone (see above). Also please make sure that you don’t leave any valuables on the seats of your car or at any other clearly visible place in your car. Please hide it away in the boot or under the seats just to make sure you don’t tempt any potential “thieves”.


    1. I agree to obey all the rules and warnings of the organisers, marshals or governing body and furthermore agree to subject themselves to any drug tests and penalties provided for therein.
    2. I agree to abide by any decisions made by the event organiser or official.
    1. I understand that the Event course may contain wild animals, insects and plants
    2. I certify that I am physically fit and have no medical condition that would make participation in the Event more hazardous
    3. I understand, agree and accept that some of the course may go through water that has not been tested for chemicals, disease or contamination
    4. I agree not to consume alcohol prior to the Event or use any medicines or substances that will inhibit my mental or physical ability to safely and effectively participate in the Event
    5. I consent to medical care and transportation in order to obtain treatment in the event of injury to me, volunteers or medical professionals may deem appropriate and understand that this Waiver & Release extends to any liability arising out of or in any way connected with the medical treatment and transportation provided in the event of an emergency and/or injury.
    6. The organiser may dismiss me, without refund, should my behaviour endanger the safety of or negatively affect the Event, person, facility or property. I also agree to indemnify The organiser, its owners, officers, past and present employees, agents and Event sponsors from any and all third party claims caused in whole or in partly by my negligent or intentional acts or omissions.
      1. I agree that organiser and / venue is not responsible for any personal items or property that is lost, damaged or stolen at the Event.
      2. I consent to the use of my image in photographs, motion pictures or recordings taken at the Event for use in Event advertising, marketing or promotion without compensation.
      3. I agree that all entry fee payments are final and non-refundable
      4. I agree that organiser reserves the right to cancel the Event in the event of extreme weather (including, but not limited to, heat, tornadoes, earthquakes, fires, storms, lightning and floods), accidents, acts of war or terrorism, military conflicts or riots, pandemic or endemic outbreaks or for any reason that, in organiser’s discretion, will protect the safety and security of Event participants and spectators. In the event of such cancellation, there will be no refund of my registration fee.
      5. I represent and warrant to organiser that I have full legal authority to complete this event registration on behalf of myself and/or any person I am registering (Registrant(s)), including full authority to make use of the credit or debit card to which registration fees will be charged.
      6. If I am registering a minor under the age of 18, I represent and warrant that I am the parent or legal guardian of that person and have the legal authority to enter into this Agreement on their behalf. By proceeding with this event registration, I agree that the terms of this Agreement shall apply equally to all Registrants.
      7. Use of online registration is at my own risk, on an as is and as available basis and The organiser makes no warranty that its site or services will be uninterrupted, secure or error free. I understand and agree that any material and/or data downloaded or otherwise obtained using online registration, is at my own discretion and risk.
      1. I agree to receive periodical email and sms notifications from the organizing body communicating necessary event information and arrangements.
      2. I agree that my personal data may be shared with event sponsors or partners and associated events, who may communicate with me via email communication.

I understand that I will be participating in an event that is an inherently dangerous activity.

I understand that participating in the Event involves the risks of severe physical injury and/or death that cannot be completely eliminated.

I voluntarily, knowingly and freely assume all risks associated with competing in the

Event, including, but not limited to, my own actions or inactions, the actions or inactions of others (including participants, staff or spectators).

I undertake to participate entirely at own risk. I agree that I shall have no claims whatsoever against the organizing body, any individuals, organiser or official, marshal, assistant, helper or agent, the sponsors, local authority or land owners, in respect of any loss or damage whatsoever, which I may suffer. This includes any injury to my person or loss or damage to property as a result of, or arising out of, whether directly or indirectly, my participation in this event, including my arrival and departure there from and attendance of any ceremony and function thereof, however such loss or damage may arise and regardless of whether or not same shall have been caused directly or indirectly by negligence, of one or more or all of the aforementioned parties.

In the event of my approval of this form as a guardian of a minor, I hereby consent to such minor being bound by the foregoing and further I indemnify the aforementioned parties to the extent, if any, to which such minor is not capable of waiving his rights as stipulated within.


Only valid for persons between the ages of 18-24. 

A valid student card must be presented upon application. Only one discount will apply per student card and is not redeemable for cash. Please email your student card to once entered. The 50% will be deducted from your entry price and you can make the final payment once done. 

This discount does not apply to scholars. If your school would like to enter more than 30 participants, please contact us at This will work as a corporate entry where you can set up your gazebo and all participants are entered as one team.