Strong, Fearless, Brave: A Recap of Virgin Active Warrior #4 Die Bosveld

28 October 2024

We’ve established by now that the Virgin Active Warrior Race is more than just an obstacle course; it is a testament to your strength, resilience, and determination. This weekend, you pushed your limits, faced daunting obstacles, and conquered them with unwavering determination. We are proud to celebrate the warrior in you who did not back down when faced with adversity.

Challenging Course, Unyielding Spirit

The brand-new course at Die Bosveld was more challenging than ever, and you tackled it head-on. Whether you faced the infamous Mud Monster, the daunting Mamba slide or the challenging rope climbs, you faced them with a warrior spirit. Your grit, determination, and willingness to push beyond your boundaries are inspiring.

Defying the Heat

Scorching Bosveld temperatures might have tested your endurance, but you didn’t let it deter your mission. The sweltering sun served as a reminder that warriors thrive under any circumstances. You conquered the heat, staying strong and focused every step of the way.

Conquering Your Fears

The most significant battles are often fought within ourselves. The Warrior Race provided a platform for you to confront your inner fears and emerge stronger. Each leap, swing, and obstacle was a victory over self-doubt and hesitation. Your bravery in the face of fear makes you a true warrior!

Warrior Results

Rookie Elite



1 Tlholohelo Makamole 00:37:47

2 Sizwe Makhubo 00:38:33

3 Tertius Lamprecht 00:44:26


1 Anneke Steynberg 00:37:42

2 Aviyah Hendriks 00:49:09

3 Carike Kok 00:58:18



1 Barend Bodenstein 00:50:18

2 Niel Van Der Walt 00:52:59


1 Anneke Steynberg 00:37:42

2 Aviyah Hendriks 00:49:09

3 Jani Maritz 00:51:32



1 Jack Paxton 00:47:05

2 Benjamin Moodie 00:51:40

3 Pieter Briel 00:52:35


1 Orlaith Helm 00:55:02

2 Mila Strydom 00:59:44

3 Deanné Moodie 01:09:09



1 Stephen Mallory 00:52:25

Commando Elite



1 Wynand Kotze 00:57:52

2 Daniel Kok 00:58:01

3 Keagan Bahlmann 00:58:48


1 Daniela Da Costa 01:25:49

2 Celine Grace Cloete 01:25:58

3 Desiree Lourens 01:28:06



1 Daniel Kok 00:58:01

2 Keagan Bahlmann 00:58:48

3 Caleb Hendriks 01:01:08


1 Carla vd Westhuizen 02:00:03

2 Sunel Pienaar 02:10:50



1 Jan Du Toit 01:13:03

2 Sugendran Pillay 01:27:28

3 Darryn Sewell 01:43:12


1 Claire Maujean 01:38:17

2 Marlou Liebenberg 01:52:09

3 Karen Denny 01:54:04

Black-Ops Elite


1 Claude Eksteen 01:36:17

2 Armin Botha 01:36:51

3 Justin Landsberg 01:36:55


1 Trish Eksteen 02:07:30

2 Sabrina Daolio 02:08:353 Cindy Wills 02:18:50

Congratulations, Warriors!!

Thank you for bringing a truly beautiful Warrior spirit to Warrior #4 Die Bosveld. No soldier was left behind. Our Warriors are all Second Soldiers to one another making The Virgin Active Warrior Race the race with the kindest, most helpful soldiers.

As you recover from this incredible feat, remember that the warrior spirit lives within you. 

Use it to fuel your everyday life and inspire those around you. 

Until we see you again next year, remember, that you are strong, fearless, and brave, and there’s nothing you can’t conquer.

Warriors, #BeBrave!