Virgin Active Warrior #3 – Battling the Elements at Devonbosch

It was crazy fun and mad mudding all the way with the amazing Virgin Active Warrior tribe at Devonbosch, Stellenbosch, on Saturday, 30 September 2023.

Although race morning dawned cold and drizzly, the weather in no way dampened the spirits of the Warriors who were, if anything, even more fired up and rearing to go!

Warriors of all abilities, shapes and ages answered the call to battle and mustered at Devonbosch, Stellenbosch, for the first time since COVID hit. It’s great to be back in the Cape!

We could not have asked for a more beautiful venue. Thank you, Devonbosch, for opening your gates to 1300 rampaging Warriors intent on conquering obstacles, slaying fears and #BeingBrave.

Thank you to every Warrior who showed up bravely and left braver. You’ve proven yourself to be immensely stronger than you thought! 

Black-Ops Elite Race:

In the ladies’ race, Sabrina Daolia had a pretty easy time taking the lead and dominating the whole course. She was able to do Breaking Point, even in the wet conditions, which was impressive, seeing as most of the men were unable to complete Breaking Point with the conditions as wet as they were.

The men’s race was super exciting, with Hlelani Radebe and Ayanda Malevu taking the lead early and setting a blistering pace. Justin Lansburg was lagging in third for half the race when he slowly started catching up. Justin Lansburg was able to overtake Hlelani and Ayanda while going through the difficult obstacles leading up to Breaking Point, and managed to complete Breaking Point flawlessly to take the victory! 

Ayanda Malevu was also able to do Breaking Point, clinching second place! However, Hlelani got stuck on Breaking Point, which opened space for Jan de Beer to storm past, complete the obstacle faultlessly and finish third. 

Race Results:

Congratulations on running an amazing race! View your results here.

Surprise Obstacle

We were happy to have been able to surprise our Warriors with the Electrified Leopard Crawl! Warriors had to perform a proper leopard crawl under the live wires to avoid receiving a punishing zap on the bum when they failed to stay low… 😅🤣

Well, Cape Town, thanks for the warm welcome and coming out to win wars! Until the next call to arms, when you will again rally to test your mettle against the elements, we salute your triumph in the face of adversity. 

Next up is Virgin Active Warrior #4, Die Bosveld, Pretoria, on 28 October.

Warriors, #BeBrave!