Series Leaderboard

The Warrior Series Leaderboard is a way for athletes to track their progress and compare their performance against other athletes throughout the series. The leaderboard will be updated after each event.

Athletes will be ranked based on their points accumulated throughout the series. Points will be awarded to the top finishers in each category, with more points given to those who finish higher.

The top-ranked athletes in every category will be wearing the leader’s shirt to distinguish him/her from the rest of the field.

Series standings

How well you place within a specific group of events (a series). Series points are gender specific, both the male and female race winner gets 4000 for each category.

The formula consists of 4 facets:


Start Points + Position Points + Time Points + Bonus Points = Race Points

Your 3 best results for the Series will count.

LEADER'S shirt

The athlete with the most points prior to every series event will be wearing the Leader’s shirt in that event. If the leader is unable to compete, the second athlete in the rankings will be the one wearing the shirt.

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