Are you raising a mini-Warrior?

We all want our kids to grow up strong and smart – ready to take on the world. But have you ever wondered if you’re raising a mini-warrior? If your parenting methods and family activities are conducive to raising children with strong bodies and beliefs? 

Let’s dive into why it’s pretty awesome and why it matters.

  1. Getting Physical and Having Fun: Getting your little one involved in activities like sports, outdoor adventures, and regular exercise is not just good for their health but also helps them develop coordination, motor skills, and discipline. Plus, it’s a whole lot of fun!
  2. Toughening Up Mentally: Life can be tough, so it’s crucial to teach our kids how to handle setbacks and bounce back stronger. Embracing failures as learning opportunities, solving problems, and never giving up are the qualities of a true mini-warrior.
  3. Feeling the Feels: Mini warriors aren’t just physically strong, they’re emotionally smart too. By teaching your kids to understand and manage their emotions, empathise with others, and communicate effectively, you’re helping them build strong relationships and handle conflicts like champs.
  4. Core Values: Mini warriors have a strong moral compass. By being role models and reinforcing values like honesty, respect, and kindness through positive reinforcement and open conversations, we’re moulding our kids into responsible and caring individuals.

Sounds familiar? This is where Virgin Active Warrior is a great opportunity to introduce your mini-Warrior to a fun but challenging course where they learn to fight their battles while having fun. Here is where they learn to endure tough situations and feel proud when they get it right. They learn that it’s OK to fail because you can try again. But most of all, they have an insane amount of fun and don’t even realise they’re training.

Mini-Warriors at Virgin Active Warrior

1. Warrior Kids Course

Our mini-Warriors are invited to brave a fun obstacle course designed specifically with our young adventurers in mind. 

Age limit: 4 – 12 years

Number of obstacles: 8

Number of laps: 

4 – 6 years: Min. 1 lap

7 – 9 years: Min. 2 laps

10 – 12 years: Min. 3 laps

The Warrior Kids course is located next to the Kids Area. We have two adults helping with supervision on the course, but kids normally do the obstacle course under the supervision of their parents or guardians (Parental supervision is compulsory for kids aged 5 years and younger). 

2. Rookie Course

Age limit: 10 years and older

Distance: 5 kilometres

Number of obstacles: 15

If your child is already on his/her way to becoming a seasoned Warrior, they can join the adults on the Rookie course, provided they are older than 10 years.

Raising a mini-warrior isn’t just about physical strength; it’s about empowering our kids to be mentally tough, emotionally intelligent, and good-hearted. Let’s create a new generation of mini-warriors who will make this world a better place. 

So, when you enter your next Virgin Active Warrior race, don’t leave your mini-Warrior behind – cheer them on as they conquer their own challenging course with their unstoppable spirit! 

Let them earn their dog tag!

Warrior #2 KZN | 22 July

Warrior #3 CPT | 30 Sept

Warrior #4 GP | 28 Oct