Virgin Active Warrior #1 | Prime View 25 March 2023

2700 Warriors determined to slay obstacles despite pouring rain.

The Virgin Active Warrior #1 at Prime View on 25 March 2023 was met with heavy skies and pouring rain. After a delayed start to see if the rain would let up, undaunted Warriors nevertheless stormed off enthusiastically to conquer a wet and slippery course.

Photo by Marius Nortjie

Warrior Ric motivated every wave of Warriors in true Warrior spirit, and the energetic Virgin Active team got everyone’s blood pumping with a proper warm-up to prepare for the race.

Sure, the rain made the obstacles more challenging, but our Warriors were not easily deterred. They stormed walls, swung on monkey bars, climbed ropes and crawled through the mud with unwavering determination. 

A scenic trail run through fields of wildflowers linked the various obstacles on the respective routes, and participants were energised by the incredible beauty all around them.

The Black-Ops Elites Men’s Race was close and hugely exciting. A faultless execution of every obstacle on the Black-Ops course earned Thomas van Tonder a well-deserved win today. On his heels were Claude Eksteen in second and Brandon Hulley in third. Both Claude and Brandon lost a DQ band when they dropped from Commando Killer, causing them to lose time when they had to perform a penalty loop to win back their DQ band before finishing. Nail-biting stuff.

Sabrina Daolio put in a solid performance in the Black-Ops Elite Ladies’ race finishing almost 9 minutes ahead of Trish Eksteen, with Cindy Wills in third place. Sabrina and Trish were neck and neck until they reached the big rigs. Sabrina sailed through without losing any of her DQ bands. Trish lost a DQ band and had to win it back by performing a penalty loop, putting her in second place. A huge effort by Cindy Wills saw her fighting her way from fifth position to clinch third place on the day.

Elite Results

Black-Ops Elite Men:

  1. Thomas van Tonder | 01:23:00
  2. Claude Eksteen | 01:23:37
  3. Brandon Hulley | 01:24:17
  4. Hlelani Radebe | 01:25:49
  5. Tian Basson | 01:31:01

Black-Ops Elite Ladies

  1. Sabrina Daolio | 01:42:01
  2. Trish Eksteen | 01:51:22
  3. Cindy Wills | 03:00:02
  4. CJ Clarke | 03:02:31
  5. Ashley Button | 03:04:46

Commando Elite Men

  1. Etienne van der Merwe | 00:57:15 
  2. Noah Marlin | 01:02:15
  3. Werner Geel | 01:05:24
  4. Caleb Hendriks | 01:06:41
  5. Conrad van Jaarsveld | 01:07:16

Commando Elite Ladies

  1. Simone Loannides | 01:32:49
  2. Claudia Rheeder | 01:33:45

Rookie Elite Men

  1. Keagan Bahlmann | 00:29:23
  2. Marjuan Pienaar | 00:31:26
  3. Daniel Bahlmann | 00:33:28
  4. Jonathan Dutton | 00:33:29
  5. Duncan Joubert | 00:33:30

Rookie Elite Ladies

  1. Amelie Moolman | 00:34:40
  2. Desiree Lourens | 00:37:59
  3. Liza-Ann Pienaar | 00:38:43
  4. Kiara Hugo | 00:38:57
  5. Aviyah Hendriks | 00:39:30

Every Warrior crossing the finish line, exhausted but proud, knew that they had accomplished something great. They faced adverse weather conditions and conquered obstacles with bravery and tenacity. 

In the end, the rain did not defeat our warriors. Instead, it served as a reminder of their strength and courage in the face of adversity. 

Rest up. We need you fresh for Virgin Active Warrior #2 Seaton, KZN, on 22 July 2023.