virgin AcTive Train Warrior

Virgin Active Warrior is here to help you face your fears and overcome obstacles. Prepare for the race at Virgin Active!


If you’re here, you’re likely thinking about racing The Virgin Active Warrior Race.

Do you want to make sure you show up to the start line of Rookie, Commando or Black-Ops ready to have as much fun as possible or give your absolute best effort?

Running as a lone soldier or with a group? Virgin Active Warrior is one of those events where you can start as strangers and finish as friends. Either way, preparing to tackle a Virgin Active Warrior Race requires the right combination of mental strength, physical fitness, and race-day preparation. And a sense of adventure.

There are many ways you can prepare. The right preparation can mean the difference between accomplishing your goals, being able to enjoy it to the max and being fit, strong and read y. Or it could mean looking back with regret, wishing you had followed the WarriorFit program.

Whether you’re a first time “Soldier” or racing since 2013, the WarriorFit Programme will help and guide you to make the most out of your Warrior experience.

Virgin Active Green point

9 March 2024

Virgin Active Green point

16 March 2024

Virgin Active Green Point

23 March 2024