Introducing the warrior legends, those who have left their trails in the mud, who have triumphed with outstanding loyalty and girt, who have given more of themselves to the Toyota Warrior by showing tremendous character and spirit.


Jay Jay Deysel has been competing as a Black-Ops Elite athlete from the early days, he is the only Black-Ops Elite athlete with a 100% completion rate, that means he has never failed on a single Elite Obstacle at a Warrior Race or any obstacle at another local or international OCR event.

His kick-ass personality, adventurous lifestyle and charisma makes him the perfect candidate to be the first a Warrior Legend. Get to know Jay Jay up close and personal, watch the full episode here


Sabrina is one of our beloved warrior champions, who throws her heart into the race and blossoms with a vibrant resilience. Her passion for working with athletes affords her a unique insight into the world of competitive racing.

Her love for climbing makes her a great grip strength competitor. Her tenderness and brevity makes her the ideal first female legend. Get to know Sabrina on our second episode of the Warrior Legend Series.


Thomas is one of the top OCR athletes in the world, destroying the competition at every turn and has won more Warrior races than anyone in the game. He is a headstrong competitor who’s true colours shimmer when the going gets tough.

His braveness and competitiveness has earned him the most incredible opportunities in the international arena, but it is his humility that sirens the sound of a Warrior Legend.


Trevor Lagerwey needs no introduction in the OCR world. He is fast, strong and a multitalented athlete, who performs extremely well in all fields of the Toyota Warrior Race. Watch this Legend’s story and get to know the real Trevor Lagerwey.

Dominique D’Oliviera

When choosing a Warrior Legend, we look at people who inspire the OCR community on and off the battlefield. Dominique D’Oliviera is one of the beloved Warrior queens who inspire and achieves greatness in everything she does. Her humble spirit and tough chick attitude have gained her many titles and respect from fellow athletes. May you continue to uplift and encourage.