This refers to Black-Ops Elite, Commando Elite and Rookie Elite batches only


  • Elite athletes will receive an armband (referred to as a disqualification (DQ) armband) when entering the starting pen on race morning.
  • Elite finisher times are only valid if the athlete crosses the finish line with the armband still on his/her arm.
  • The DQ armband must be kept on either wrist and may not be hidden from plain sight.
  • If an athlete loses his/her armband (i.e. snaps or falls off) on the course – it is their own responsibility to report this to a marshal who will take note of this and be able to report this information back to the official race timing crew.


  • When crossing the finish line go directly to the timing gazebos, there are two scanners – a stationary scanner and a hand held scanner.
  • Elites that lost their DQ band will still receive a standard Black-Ops, Commando or Rookie result.
  • Everyone regardless if you have a DQ Band or not must scan at the finish scan point.
  • An Elite Race is an all-or-nothing race. If you can’t complete all the obstacles 100% with your DQ (Disqualification band) in tact you don’t get an Elite result.


  • Elite athletes have to complete all obstacles on their designated course in order to keep their DQ armband.
  • No assistance of any physical nature will be permitted for Elite athletes, and will lead to disqualification
    • Elite athletes are not allowed to assist each other at any point along the route or at an obstacle unless otherwise stated by the Route Director at the start line the morning of the race
    • Spectators and Marshals may not provide any Elite athletes with physical assistance at any point along the route or at an obstacle
  • DQ armbands must be handed to the obstacle marshal if the athlete:
    • Is not able to complete an obstacle
    • Does not adhere to the obstacles rules determined by Warrior Route Director (and communicated to the obstacle marshal)
    • Does not comply with the general race rules and Elite rules as set out on warrior.co.za


  • If the athlete hands in their armband or is unable to continue with the race for whatever reason, they are required to report this to the official race timing official under the WARRIOR gazebo at the finish line. Their time will be reflected as disqualified in the race results.
  • If the athlete does not complete an obstacle, he/she will not be able to qualify for a podium position or prize money.
  • If an specific obstacle cannot be completed by the top 3 Elite athletes that arrive at the obstacle, after each one of the top 3 athletes had the opportunity to attempt the obstacle on 3 occasions, the following will apply:
    • The race referee (appointed on the day by the Race director) will restart the race from that obstacle, with each athlete leaving the obstacle on 20 seconds intervals and in the same order that they arrived at the obstacle. 
    • If any other athlete is able to successfully complete the obstacle before the 3rd attempt of the top 3 athletes, then the racing will resume as per normal and the compulsory obstacle completion rule will still apply. The athlete who was able to complete the obstacle will therefore be the new leader with no option for other athletes to restart. 
  • If a participant does not respect a marshal or the race rules the marshal has the right to disqualify a participant pending further investigation.
  • Specific rules given by the Route Director at Elite race briefing on race day must be adhered to and failure to comply will result in disqualification


Only the following people and vehicles may access the official race route leading up to the event and during the event weekend:

  • Medics,
  • Marshals and marshal managers,
  • The route director,
  • Official Warrior Race organisers,
  • Official Warrior Race photographers.
  • Participants are not permitted onto the race route or on any of the obstacles prior to their race 
    • This applies to people on foot as well as bicycles, motor vehicles, motorbikes and quads, etc.
    • Failure to comply will result in removal from the route and a disqualification for the participants racing
  • Outside assistance of any kind is not permitted along the route and at water points during the Elite races. Outside assistance can include, but is not limited to the following:
    • Food and liquids
    • Medication and/or medical assistance
    • Physical assistance
    • Sweat towels
  • Spectators may only walk on the spectator route and are not allowed on the race route or obstacles.


    Competitive athletes who wish to participate for recognition/prize money must participate in their official age categories. The age of an athlete is the age that he/she would be on 31 December of that year.


      This is the official racing categories for the U/12 and U/14 boys and girls and also for the 50+ age category.


      This is the official category for the U/16 and U/18 men and women and also for the 40+ age categories


      This is the official race for any Elite athletes over the age of 18 years of age

      • Athletes will be able participate in the 40+ or 50+ categories if they are at least 40 or 50 years of age on 31 December in the same year of the event. 
      • U/12 athletes are able to participate in this category if they are 12 years old on 31 December of the same year.  
      • U/14 athletes are able to participate in this category if they are 14 years old on 31 December of the same year.  
      • U/16 athletes are able to participate in this category if they are 16 years old on 31 December of the same year.  
      • U/18  athletes are able to participate in this category if they are 18 years old on 31 December of the same year.


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