Please familiarise yourself with the information below.


  • All Elites must go through the regular registration,
  • All Elites (Rookie, Commando and Black-Ops) must collect their DQ (disqualification) bands at the Reebok Warrior Gear Gazebo
  • We’ll double check your Timing Chip and Race category when collecting the DQ Band
  • Elite athletes must go through regular registration as well as Elite registration. You receive your DQ band at Elite Registration situated at Warrior Gear.
  • Make sure you are in the start chute at least 10 minutes before your scheduled start time, for race briefing
  • You can only enter for Warrior Blac-Ops Elite if you’ve previously completed a Rookie Elite or Commando Elite


  • When crossing the finish line go directly to the timing gazebos, there are two scanners – a stationary scanner and a hand held scanner.
  • ONLY Elites with their DQ bands will be scanned by the hand held scanner
  • Everyone regardless if you have a DQ Band or not must scan at the stationary scanner
  • An Elite Race is an all-or-nothing race. If you can’t complete all the obstacles 100% with your DQ (Disqualification band) in tact you don’t get a result


  • Preliminary Results will be displayed at the Warrior Gear stand 1 hour before prize giving. Athletes have 40 minutes to inspect and query podium results, from 20 minutes before prize giving the results are final
  • Prize categories will be printed and available on the stage as soon as all the podium positions have been filled
  • If you think you’re in contention for a podium position, please check the podium for the prize giving results


 In the past Black-Ops Elite participants received Black-Ops Elite finisher shirts for free. in 2019 onwards T-Shirt designs only states “Elite”, any Rookie Elite, Commando Elite or Black-Ops Elite participant can buy an Elite finisher shirt. Finisher shirt sales ends 10 days before the event. Collect at Reebok stand at the event.


  • We’ve improved timing at the Sprint Race considerably, your time will be displayed on a screen within seconds after crossing the finish line
  • If you’re taking part in the Sprint Race, please register at the sprint course inside the venue, NOT at Elite Registration
  • Please register as early as possible


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