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Full Obstacle video

You seeked a greater challenge than Rookie! Commando is here! Where are my soldiers at? 

what you will need

  • A 400m lap you can run around.
  • A small wall you can climb over.
  • A tape measure to measure out 10m in an open area.
  • Plastic cones, cups or anything to mark both ends of the 10m and the length of your height + 20cm on the ground.
  • Object/s that weighs/adds up to 10 kgs and you can carry around for a lap. 
  • Two chairs.
  • A wall you can use if you aren’t too confident in your handstand skills.
  • An object you can jump over (40cm tall), put in the middle of your 10m.
  • Something you can safely hang from and do pull-ups with.

Individual Obstacle Videos