On 26 March 2020 South Africa was plunged into one of the strictest Covid-19 lockdowns the world had seen – signalling the end of The Warrior Race as we knew it. It took two years for restrictions to ease and today, exactly two years later, we’re back – braver and stronger than before.

This morning Warriors lined up at Prime View Adventure and Leisure with one goal in mind: to be better than they were yesterday. The chilly air, freezing water and muddy trails only added to the anticipation. Warrior Ric brought the scene to life with his unmistakable gift to motivate. Before long, the whole crowd was raring to go.

The heart and soul of The Warrior Race has always been that no soldier gets left behind. We’re a team through and through. We climb together, we run together and we cross the finish line together.

EasyEquities challenged their employees to try something a little bit out of the ordinary – and a little bit muddy. With a team of nearly 200 Warriors, they crushed the course together. Thank you EasyEquities for bringing the gees!

Today we also introduced ‘Conquer for a Cause’, an opportunity for Warriors to raise funds for their chosen charity in a fun and original way.

As the final Warriors made their way across the finish line, the crowds were entertained by live local acts Ralph Michielsen, Dodo Nyoka and Christiaan Baartman – marking the perfect end to a spectacular day.

It was phenomenal to see all the Warriors out on the course! A massive thank you to all of our supporters for carrying us through the last two years. It’s because of your perseverance, determination, and grit that we can do what we do. Faces looks forward to hosting and cheering you on again soon!

Photos by Bsnapped