The Warrior company regrets to announce the cancellation of the 2020 edition of Warrior #5 at Legends MX.

The ban on mass gatherings was implemented by the South African government to contain the spread of COVID-19 and is still firmly in place. Although certain event regulations have been relaxed to some extent, we were unable to find a way to make an obstacle course racing event a no-touch event. Warriors bleed, sweat and cry over the very obstacles they need to overcome. Warriors are also in close contact with teammates when they assist one another over those obstacles.

In light of this firm restriction, it became necessary to review the current situation anew. The Warrior Company cannot foresee that we will be able to host any Warrior events for the remainder of 2020. 

But we cannot have you sit on your hands for the rest of the year. For that reason we are planning something awesome for November 2020. Watch this space…

In the meantime, why not enter for one of the other exciting events that now fall under the Faces Group such as the Nissan Trailseeker MTB or Trail Run SeriesThe Otter TrailThe Sanlam Cape Town Marathon Virtual Race or Cullinan2Tonteldoos Ultra Endurance MTB Race. The possibilities are endless.

Warrior is positive that 2021 will bring new opportunities. We are excited to kick off next year with Warrior #1 on 6 Feb 2021.

Stay safe, be brave & keep training.

If you hold a paid entry ticket for this event, please complete the form to transfer your entry to 2021, donate your entry fee to a charity or to claim a full refund. Please send us an email at