Toyota Warrior Race #5 Nelspruit is only a few days away, and we can’t wait to “gooi mielies” at this year’s event at Mbombela Stadium on 24 August 2019. We’re coming back to the place of the rising sun and bringing SA OCR Champs favourite obstacles to the Lowveld. The gruelling Mud Monster will also be there to entertain the spectators and get you slimy for the rest of the day.  Here are the three new obstacles you can expect to see:

Walk the plank

Grab hold of your inner pirate and walk the plank. This obstacle will require good balance and concentration, not to fall into the water. Although the platform is wide, it is very unstable because it is floating on the water.


The infamous Avalanche obstacle requires speed and a burst of energy to get you up to the top of the half-pipe. You will need to run to the top, grab hold and pull yourself up onto the obstacle. A helping hand is always waiting here, and you can rely on fellow participants to give you a boost.

Balance beams

Balance beams are thin but stable because it is anchored to the ground. The swivelling drum in the middle will throw you off-guard but keep your cool and balance your way to the end.

Unleash your inner Warrior and bring the whole family for a fun day out at Toyota Warrior Race. Come meet the Jacaranda FM presenters and crew at the OB van on Saturday 24 August 2019. Entries available here: