We’ve asked the pros to give us 3 essential exercises you can do to conquer a Toyota Warrior Race. Obstacle course racing involves multiple facets of training, with a solid combination of strength and cardio. The 3 exercises everyone had in common was: pull-ups, core training and grip. With 10 days remaining to Toyota Warrior #4 Blythedale and SA OCR Championships, these training tips might get you a podium position.

Thomas van Tonder

1- Pull Ups

2- Core training (Setups/ Plank/ Leg-raises)

3- Running

Michelle Meyer

1. Slam ball cleans

2. Hanging grip hand-position-changes

3. Shoulder press

Dominique D’Oliveira

1. Weighted SLOW step ups – for lower body strength and stability

2. Pull-ups with straight-arm or lock-off hand-releases – for upper body strength & grip

3.  A variety or core-engaging bar exercises, e.g. L-hang, toes to bar, etc