Read all about the 2019 Warrior Elite athlete rules and information here.

1) New Categories

Commando Elite U/18 (13-18)

Rookie Elite U/12 (10-12)

Warrior Kids: 4-9

2) Entry Requirements

You can only enter for Warrior Black-Ops Elite if you’ve previously completed a Rookie Elite or Commando Elite

3) Elite T-Shirts

In the past Black-Ops Elite participants received Black-Ops Elite finisher shirts for free. In 2019 onwards t-shirt designs only states “Elite”. Any Rookie Elite, Commando Elite or Black-Ops Elite participant can buy an Elite finisher shirt. Finisher shirt sales ends 10 days before the event

4) DQ Band

An Elite Race is an all-or-nothing race. If you can’t complete all the obstacles 100% with your DQ (Disqualification band) intact you don’t get a result

5) Results

Preliminary results will be displayed at the Warrior Gear stand 1 hour before prize giving. Athletes have 40 minutes to inspect and query podium results, from 20 minutes before prize giving the results are final.

6) Elite Registration & DQ Bands

Elite athletes must go through regular registration as well as Elite registration. You receive your DQ band at Elite Registration situated at Warrior Gear.

7) Bells at obstacles

In order to better align with international OCR rules and in particular the OCR World Championships no athlete is allowed to kick a bell. All bells at the end of an obstacle must be rung by hand. You’ll have to restart the obstacle if you don’t abide by this rule